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What is MAX, Merial Awards Xpress?

MAX, Merial Awards Xpress is a new program created by Merial utilizing a mobile device
to scan and submit rebate forms for MERIAL® Brand Cattle and Equine Products.
Your customers/clients decide if they would like to receive their rebate quickly
on a RELOADABLE Merial MAX, Merial Awards Xpress Visa® Prepaid Card*.
A check mailed directly to them is also available for a 6-8 week turnaround.

It's very easy for your customers/clients to get started— they just follow the 3 steps below.

Step 1

Setup a MAX, Merial Awards Xpress account.

Step 2

Check their email for a link to install the app on their mobile device and login to their account.

Step 3

Use their mobile device to submit the rebate and check for status updates.

*A $10 rebate minimum is required to receive card—encourage your customers/clients to purchase enough to qualify. See the Current Offers.

How does it work?

Merial has created a mobile app to make submitting rebates even easier.
Your customers/clients will use the app on their mobile device
to scan, submit and check the status of their rebate.

Easy to use

Once your customer/client has signed up for a MAX, Merial Awards Xpress account, they simply download the app and login to their MAX, Merial Awards Xpress account!


Their mobile device will process the scan eliminating the need to fill out a lengthy form.


Scan the invoice

Once logged in to their MAX, Merial Awards Xpress account, customers/clients scan their invoice and barcode.

Status updates

The mobile device will be able to show customers/clients their rebate status as soon as it's available.

2017 Current Offers

These are the current rebates available through MAX, Merial Awards Xpress:
Equine Offers
LEGEND 4mL $6.00/dose
(or more depending on offer)
LEGEND 20mL $30.00/bottle
(or more depending on offer)
MARQUIS $100.00/4 syringes
GASTROGARD $2.00/syringe
(or more depending on offer)
ULCERGARD $2.00/syringe
(or more depending on offer)
ZIMECTERIN Gold 1 syringe $1.50/syringe
ZIMECTERIN Gold 6 syringe pack $9.00/pack
EQUIOXX Paste $0.50/syringe
EQUIOXX Injection $3.00/bottle
EQUIOXX Tablets $10.00/bottle
(or more depending on offer)

Cattle Offers
SYNCHSURE TM  (cloprostenal sodium)
SYNCHSURE™ 100mL $4.50/bottle
IVOMEC 1% 500mL Injection $20.00/bottle
IVOMEC Plus 500mL Injection $30.00/bottle
EPRINEX 5L Pour-On $20.00/bottle
EPRINEX 2.5L Pour-On $10.00/bottle
J-VAC 125 Bottle $12.00/bottle
J-VAC 50 Bottle $4.00/bottle
CYSTORELIN 5 Dose $0.50/bottle
CYSTORELIN 15 Dose $1.50/bottle
ZACTRAN 500mL $20.00/bottle
ZACTRAN 250mL $10.00/bottle
ZACTRAN 100mL $4.00/bottle
LONGRANGE® 500mL $15.00/bottle
LONGRANGE® 250mL $7.50/bottle


What is MAX, Merial Awards Xpress?

How do customers enroll in the MAX, Merial Awards Xpress program?

What is the process for redeeming the rebate?

How does the customer/client get paid?

How long will it take to receive the rebate?

Is the MAX, Merial Awards Xpress card reloadable?

Why should customers/clients enroll?

How does the customer/client know what rebates are offered?

What if an enrolled member forgets their User ID or Password?

Can the MAX, Merial Awards Xpress app be downloaded from the App Store?

Can the reloadable card be linked to a business?

Why is this better than mailing rebates?

Why should a business register with the MAX, Merial Awards Xpress program?

What if I cannot locate my Customer location in the MAX, Merial Awards Xpress app?

For questions about using the MAX, Merial Awards Xpress card, please visit

If you have other questions, please contact your local Merial sales representative, or call 1-855-842-2226.

*The card is reloadable after the initial receipt and activation of the card. The card will be sent after the first submission that equals at least $10 worth of rebates.
**Data rates, fees, and charges may apply.
MAX, Merial Awards Xpress - Welcome Veterinarians and Retailers

Ready to enroll?

Fill out this form, click Submit to enroll.

Associate your clinic with your MAX, Merial Awards Xpress account:

Please call 1-888-842-2226 to lookup your Account #.

Enter your MAX, Merial Awards Xpress login information.

This will also be your MAX and mobile application User ID.


Must be atleast 6 characters and contain a number.


Yes! Sign me up for special MERIAL® offers and promotions.

I agree to the MAX, Merial Awards Xpress Terms & Conditions and Cardholder Agreement.

Processing. Please wait.

Merial reserves the right to cancel or modify any rebate at any time. All federal, state and local laws and regulations apply. Rebates that are void or prohibited by law or regulation will not be honored. No submission or transfer of goods is permitted, except at the sole discretion of Merial. Rebates are valid only for cattle and sheep producers and equine owners and trainers. Direct Merial Customers (feed yards, large users, TopHand, veterinarians and dealers) do not qualify for rebates. Only individual receipts submitted by cattle and sheep producers and equine owners and trainers will be accepted.